An introduction to the religion of scientology

Also, many countries either have no accurate census data, or do not include questions regarding religious affiliation. The Baha'i community is remarkably active and influential in religious matters on both global and local levels, especially given their relatively small numbers compared to some other religions.

Hubbard described Dianetics and Scientology as "technologies" based on his claim of their "scientific precision and workability. This is similar to the current broad support for the "Free Tibet" movement, most of which comes from non-Buddhists.

I also gained a firm footing in morality — that there is a moral code that is good to live by, because it makes all human interactions smoother. Often blended with Catholicism. Scientologists work to create such a world every day, constantly joined by others who share this dream.

The vast majority in this grouping are not aligned with any kind of membership organization. The fifth dynamic is the urge toward survival through life forms such as animals, birds, insects, fish and vegetation, and is the urge to survive as these. As Narconon's mission is drug rehabilitation and not Church recruitment, the percentage of Narconon clients who become Church members is small.

With the implanting of this device, you and yours can kiss all human and spiritual freedoms good-bye. One of the most famous modern adherents of Tenrikyo was the author Avram Davidson. All of the above is happening and it is real. Other movements and groups which are not listed on this page but which function as the sociological equivalent of traditionally recognized religions are listed here.

There is substantial overlap between "estimates" and "field work. Barrett's World Christian Encyclopedia update gives an oft-cited figure of 1. Four new countries, for a total ofhave been opened since the publication of the book, according to a church spokesperson.

Psychiatry is one of their Front Groups. This organization is large perhaps 2 to 3 million members and appears somewhat like a typical New Asian syncretistic religion, but its literature states that it is an interdenominational organization and not a religion.

This religion is in every major comparative religion text book, yet during the s and for a few years thereafter it was actually listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the "major religion nearest extinction. So Hubbard was very busily regressing thousands and thousands of people further and further back into their past lives, and he discovered the same strange incident in all of his clients.

Scientology beliefs and practices

But censuses are usually conducted infrequently. Presbyterians Bearing little resemblance to the liturgy, structure, and tradition associated with the Roman Catholic Church, the Presbyterian and Reformed churches share a common origin in the teachings of John Calvin and the 16th century Swiss Reformation.

An Industry of Death Scientologists on an anti- psychiatry demonstration Scientology is publicly, and often vehemently, opposed to both psychiatry and psychology.

This, then, is the function of Scientology: He is a spirit. Different type of data collection methodologies using different types of questions showed a consistent pattern: Introspection Rundown The Introspection Rundown is a controversial Church of Scientology auditing process that is intended to handle a psychotic episode or complete mental breakdown.

Realistically, a figure lower thanseems be more reasonable for this page's listing.


One portion of this broad grouping includes those who are best described as "nonreligious," i. An estimate of 20 million worldwide seems justifiable--a grouping which would include but not be limited to strictly Kardecian groups.

Often, he mistakenly solves his problems by considering only his own interests, which then causes trouble for both himself and others. Emotional tone scale and Science of Survival Scientology uses an emotional classification system called the tone scale.

It is not a fairy tale or our imagination. He cut contact with everyone else, even his wife, whom he saw for the last time in August The introduction of the E-Meter helped mark Hubbard’s transition from Dianetics to Scientology, a term he said derived from the Latin scio (study) and the Greek logos (knowing).

This new. Scientology is one of the wealthiest and most powerful new religions to emerge in the past century. To its detractors, L. Ron Hubbard's space-age mysticism is. An Introduction to Scient has been added to your Cart An Introduction to Scientology The DVD comes with a booklet inside about scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard may have died in but his legacy is his scientology religion has grown to popular status. In his day, scientology may have been about a revolution of those unhappy with their. Scientology status by country describes the status of Scientology and its recognition as a religion or otherwise in different countries.

The Church of Scientology pursues an extensive public relations campaign for state recognition of Scientology as a religion and cites numerous scholarly sources supporting its position. The level of recognition Scientology has been able to obtain varies.

Like any other religion, therefore, Scientology is a distinctive human experiment in the production of sacred time and sacred space. However, also like any other religion, Scientology is a distinctive human experiment in being human.

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An introduction to the religion of scientology
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