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Bede the Venerable reports that noble-women were often sent to these schools for girls even if they did not intend to pursue the religious life, [53] and St.

In western countries the women are writing books, driving cars and aero-planes, running banks and big business firms and doing research in the laboratory.

Several important saints studied under her, including St. At the beginning of the 19th century there was hardly any literate woman in the country excepting a few in the aristocratic houses. The first eulogizes the Ashwins, the heavenly twins who are also physicians; the second is a personal wish expressing her intimate feelings and desires for married life.

Essay on Girls Education In India

From the start, girl children are seen as burdens rather than blessings, bearers of exorbitant dowries, who will eventually move into the homes of their husbands. Gender Bias in Curriculum Still Exists: However, a study of Indian textbooks done in the s found that men were the main characters in the majority of lessons.

However, in spite of these, there was a great gap between the education of men and women. A superstitious feeling was alleged to exist in the majority of the Hindu families that a girl taught to read and write will soon become a widow after marriage.

One, there is concern for women being alienated from their indigenous cultures and not receiving the education in values that were typically received through pre-colonial indigenous educational systems. Hence, we cannot decry the women-folk in our country.

Once women began to graduate from institutions of higher education, there steadily developed also a stronger academic stream of schooling, and the teacher training of women in larger numbers, principally to provide primary education.

Queen Bathild requested her services for the convent she had founded at Chelle. Medieval education for females was typically tied to a convent. In addition, daughters with higher levels of education will likely have higher dowry expenses, as they will want a comparably educated husband.

Hence, we had a great tradition during the days of our degeneration.

The Necessity of Women’s Education in India | Essay

Gargi[ edit ] Gargi, the Vedic prophetess and daughter of sage Vachaknu, composed several hymns that questioned the origin of all existence. Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Periyar and Baba Saheb Ambedkar were leaders of the lower castes in India who took various initiatives to make education available to the women of India.

The three nuns in front are all holding books, and the middle one appears to be teaching, gesturing to make a point. Gender disparities[ edit ] One of the primary ways in which there are gender disparities in education in West Africa are in the ratios of male to female participation: Now in India we find women professors, lady doctors, lady scientists, lady politicians and lady ministers.

Apart from the causes discussed above there can be some general causes responsible for the problem of non-involvement and non- retention of girl students at the primary level.

The education system of India, like many other social institutions, has long been discriminatory towards the women. In the past, there was large number of failures of girl students at different classes of primary education.

Around Leonardo Bruni wrote De studies et letteris, [57] addressed to Baptista di Montefeltro, the daughter of Antonio II da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino ; it commends the study of Latin, but warns against arithmeticgeometryastrology and rhetoric.

Controlled population According to the latest reports, educated mothers take care of their babies much better than the illiterate mothers. Although in the Vedic period women had access to education in India, they had gradually lost this right.

He asked his wives their wishes. She is most respected playback singers in India.Essay on importance of girl education Free words Essay on importance of girl education for school and college students.

Girl education is one of the important aspects governing the economical, financial, and social culture of the country.

Women Education in India Essay

Education at colleges, universities and professional institutes: After completing education at schools, a student may consider joining a college, or a professional institute for higher studies.

He can acquire a bachelors or a master’s degree, or he can join a professional institute to acquire expertise in specific discipline. Women Education in Rural India: Meaning, Need and Barriers! India’s Constitution guarantees free primary school education for both boys and girls up to age This goal has been repeatedly reconfirmed, but primary education in India is not universal.

A large percentage of girls go to do post-graduate and professional courses; medicine and teaching particularly attract girls who are talented. Despite all these all these, women’s education is still lagging behind in India.

Essay on Girl Education. Essay on Adult Education in India. Essay on Women Education in India. Essay on Vocational Education. Slogans on Education. Speech on Value of Education.

Paragraph on Importance of Education. Paragraph on Education. Essay on Reading is Good Habit. Essay on Indian Education System. Female education is a catch-all term of a complex set of issues and debates surrounding education (primary education, secondary education, tertiary education, and health education in particular) for girls and women.

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