Generals die in bed chapter summaries

However, as they rush up their trench, the protagonist's foot is injured and he is unable to continue. Is it plausible that such a rumour, as passed on by the orderly, was circulating?

Two men are in the bay into which we leap. These falsehoods served to incense the general Canadian public, especially the remaining veterans of the 14th Regiment. The colonel is giving us last instructions. The cigarette is lit. On nights when there is little doing, this is a good topic of conversation.

There is no reply to our fire. Harrison is a powerful writer. At this point, the soldiers learn that the ship sunk by the Germans was, in fact, carrying weapons. We were men in uniform; clumsy, bundled, heavy uniforms. Something moves in the corner of the bay. I run down the trench looking for prisoners.

But I cannot go through with the plan, for the blade is in up to the hilt and the wound which I have been clumsily mauling is now a gaping hole. The thrust jerks my body.

The rifle is in such a position that he cannot move. There is no reply to our fire. I look towards our lines and see only the flickering orange gun flashes leaping into the black sky.

But to read it as autobiography is to miss some of its complexity. I can distinguish only two words--"Bruder" and "Mutter. We are each given a sizeable shot of rum and sent back to company headquarters.

It is black inside. It is the signal to return, and here this maniac tries to keep me in this trench forever. We take the emergency dressings from our tunics and pour iodine into the open hole of his flesh. Apparently this was a dugout our men had overlooked.

Charles Yale Harrison

He collapses into the corner of the bay. He looks like a Saxon; he is fair and under the light I see white down against green cheeks. He shakes his head and moans: Our guns are still thundering behind us. I am back in the bay. If they come here and find me they will stab me just as I stabbed him--and maybe in the ribs, too.

He shrieks into my face. Half a dozen of our men fall upon them and stab them down into a corner. The fire grows fiercer. The bones grip my blade.It is merely another day--a day on which one may die.

The shelling a few nights ago smashed our section of the trench. We built it up again and the next night another shell demolishes it.

Charles Yale Harrison

Generals Die in Bed Chapter Summaries Chapter 1 - Recruits Midnight on payday in Montreal - soldiers are in bunk rooms Soldiers are coming home from being with women in brothels and bars, room now smells of stale booze and women/5(1).

Generals Die in Bed is a type of biography. It does not cover the author’s whole life, but the period of it It does not cover the author’s whole life, but the period of it when he was a soldier during World War One. Generals Die In Bed – Chapter Summaries and Quotes Generals Die In Bed – Chapter Summaries and Quotes.

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Generals Die in Bed Charles Yale Harrison Charles Yale Harrison: June 16, - March 17, Born in Philadelphia, but grew up in Montreal Journalist for the "Montreal Star" newspaper before enlisting with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in to fight in WWI Was sent to the Western Front.

Chapter one Generals die in bed essay by Mankarn Sidhu Charlies has unrolled into the army and is waiting to be taken into the war, but while they wait, they are trying to laid. During world war 1 and 2, countries did this to get young men to join the war In The Trenches.

Generals die in bed chapter summaries
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