How to write a feature story for yearbook covers

What to write in yearbooks – The Journalist’s Guide to Yearbook Writing

High school yearbooks feature individual pictures of students. Yearbook Writing School Yearbook Covers Whether you want a professional, pre-designed yearbook cover, or you want to create your own, Lifetouch makes it easy and fun.

Double check every claim made. The beginning of your story should: The right fonts, layout and sentence structure all work together to move a reader easily and comfortably through a yearbook story. Be an Active Writer To write active and entertaining yearbook stories, you need to use active and entertaining language.

In that sense, finding credible sources means finding multiple sources to tell different sides of the story. Even hard hitting reporters know that they have to cozy up to subjects to get them to open up.

Students should stick to shorter quotes that get quickly to the core of the issue. Even journalists — not just designers — should know how to construct stories that are scannable on the page.

Why did that happen? Instead, have students send only the snippets that are relevant to them. Learn the art of the interview. Doing so too often results in the interviewee nitpicking and trying to dictate the course of the story.

Doing so allows the journalist to explore multiple points of view and to maintain objectivity. Make sure all areas are covered. This might be an engaging description, a thought-provoking quote, a burning question, or an outstanding fact. Let Stories Evolve Sometimes, finding the real heart of the story is difficult to do.

The body can range in length, depending on how much room you have to work with. The Principles of News Writing Writing news stories is a special kind of craft — one that takes effort to master.

How to Write a Yearbook Story

Point of View and Voice Except in the case of personal essays, news stories should always be written in third person. Editors should email or check all quotes with interviewees over the phone, as well as any sections of the story that refer to items the interviewee has mentioned.

Know the structure of a good news story As any journalism teacher and journalist worth their salt knows, news writing is structured like an inverted pyramid. That is, student journalists may find themselves more drawn to writing one form of article type than another, or that different stories are better told in different ways.

If interviews will be conducted over the phone, there are also apps that can do thisthough recording through Skype is often an easier option.Some yearbook articles practically write themselves (looking at you, sports and activities), but a great yearbook will feature additional articles that give a holistic view of your high school’s student up with ideas for these articles is as simple as considering what the students will want to.

Hopefully some of these ideas will lead to some winning articles for your high school’s yearbook. If not, no biggie (we won’t take offense). You can still use these categories to springboard some new article ideas of your own design. Ask your students what they want to remember, and go from there.

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* indicates required. Name *. A yearbook cover is a blank canvas waiting for you to get creative. Setting the stage for the rest of the pages, a yearbook cover oftentimes reflects the overarching theme of the school year.

You can opt for classic school spirit, a spin off a piece of popular culture, a celebration of the past year. Collecting Information and Interviewing for the Yearbook Story. Write concisely.

Identify all of the people in the photos when there are five or fewer people featured. View yearbook covers and pages in our gallery. FEATURED RESOURCES. Copywriting Best Practices.

Yearbook Mods Yearbook Class Yearbook Pages Yearbook Layouts Yearbook Covers Yearbook Photos Yearbook Design High School Yearbook Yearbook Ideas Forward [Auberon, Creekview High School, Canton, GA] This gives us more options for spirit and pep rally I like how all the team members are featured on the bottom, could also feature fans recalling.

How to write a feature story for yearbook covers
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