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Things are changing rapidly for the 28 year old Londoner.

Spiral Lyrics

Making Time has some really great tracks, but maybe with a little more time spent on a few less ideas it could perhaps have been a great album. He might be a perfectionist, but he's also unpredictable: The Brits are calling it "nightbus".

Jamie Woon Shoulda

I might be wrong, but I think he might want to sing in a different medium and this is an album that the label wanted over the artist, but such is the price of fame sometimes. This contrast between surface calm and underlying tension continues throughout, embodied in the lyrical ideas — coming and going, ownership and loss, stopping and starting, hot and cold — as well as the sonic ones.

Not bad, but neither is it doing anything right either. The Pittsburgh rapper may have crossed over Stateside with his novelty sports anthem Black And Yellow, courtesy of closet trance fans Stargate, but this is an album of stoner hip hop.

The musicians on here sound as if they are being held back a little by the vision of the artist and it just needed a few extra things to take it from where it is to be just decent.

He admits to doing hundreds of takes in order to get exactly the right combination of mystery and technical polish. Deluge, qBittorrent, Vuze, pretty much any other client is able to snag the. It's intimate without being obvious, emotional without being syrupy and honest without being confessional, where the basic touchstones of human emotion get a fresh and soulful airing.

From the beginning of the song, this is a step up in terms of style, tempo and performance. Woon was sharing a house with fellow musicians Portico Quartet in Clapton, East London working on his MacBook and doing endless takes of each song, recording vocals at The Way studio in Hackney, and 2 months in a cottage in Trevone, Cornwall, where he recorded clicks and taps on the wicker furniture, and recorded the sounds of stones from the nearby stream to turn into snare drums.

Musically it is not too bad, I have a feeling that there is influences here from Stevie Wonder to the vocals in places, a little bit of dub in the bass, some nice touches to the drums; but ultimately it is a little bit forgettable by the end of it.

The closer of the opening quartet: It's another batch of nuanced, quietly intense songs that have some degree of heartache to them. Not only did the world get to see Gorillaz tour last year, but head simian Damon Albarn used his downtime on the road - and an iPad - to make the first Apple-friendly album.

But enough of the history here, how has the music turned out, why was this album nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and most importantly, does it deserve it? Still, it is an enjoyable listen that could easily be played in the background for a chilled house party.

Starting the album is "Message" is an atmospheric opening, with a minimal backing, sparse keyboards, light drums, bass giving support and mostly it focuses on the vocals of Jamie Moon.

But following the gospel-tinged, '90s trip-hop of "Spirits," the album seems to lose its focus, as Woon 's soothing, tremulous tones get pushed to the sidelines in favor of the obligatory, wobbly basslines on the slow jam "Spirals," and the aimless ambient electronica and clattering percussion on "Echoes," while the second instrumental "Secondbreak" is perhaps the most pointless interlude committed to record this year.

By the end he was down to 'only' six or seven takes. But I have mentioned throughout that there are a few things missing, one of them is the aforementioned sound, this could have been more and it sounds a little hollow.The album Making Time of Jamie Woon is here. Come enjoy at KKBOX!

Young and school-trained London singer Woon's debut album, Mirrorwriting, sits between Katy B and James B, pop theatricality and singer-songwriter calm, club culture and bedroom indie, old-school. Play and Listen been a huge fan of jamie woon for a while now and his talents are just endless song writer musician producer beat boxer and one extraordinary singer this track is off the album mirrorwriting Jamie Woon - Shoulda Mp3.

Jamie Woon’s long, long-awaited second album has finally been announced. The UK singer and producer, whose debut album Mirrorwriting came out way back inwill release Making Time on.

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Play and Listen Jamie Woon Sharpness Live From Konk Studios Mp3.

Jamie woon mirrorwriting album download
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